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Oldest Grand Champion

The oldest sheltie and AKC dog to earn a Grand CH as of this date!

by Linda Zielinski Kunicki on Friday, 19 August 2011 at 21:56

Today we, at Starlite, found out and are very proud that GrCh Starlites Cast in Red- Rudy is the Oldest Sheltie to earn a GrCh. This was Verified against official records from AKC on being the Oldest sheltie.


But there is more to the story.


Then with the assistance ofthe Director AKC Event Management we found out he is the oldest dog of all to accomplish this as of today. However the oldest prior to July 17th, 2011 was a Vizsla who finished at 12 1/2. Both dogs are invited to the Eukanuba Championship.


In doing the research on the Vizsla, who is GCH CH JNEK'S King Ralph and his breeder/owner Kathy Engelsman I discovered that they live within 10 miles from me. So that was the first OMG moment our dogs are from the same area.


Now here is where more of the story gets even more interesting on Rudy and Ralph (names both "R")...

Both finished their Ch as young dogs of 13 and14 months old in the summer of 1999

Both dogs took about 5 months to get thier GrCh.

"King Ralph" finished his GrCh on 2/26/11 at the Chicago IKC Sat. show

"Rudy" started his GrCh on 2/27/11 at the Chicago IKC Sun. show

Both breeder/owners have birthdays in April


Kathy and I have connected now that our dogs drew us together.

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